A Brief History of
The Banana Peel Produce Company

Jon Rencevicz, owner and manager of The Banana Peel Produce Company, has been working in the produce business for the past 25 years. But the story has its roots far in the past. . .

The story begins a long time ago, in a galaxy far, far . . ., well, actually, it was in this galaxy. Jon’s great, great, great, . . ., great grandcavefather, [rutabaga]Ogg Rencevicz, was out looking for food one day, when he tripped over a wild, prehistoric rutabaga. In a fit of anger, Ogg (or “Og,” as he was known to his friends) ripped the vegetable out of the ground and hurled it with all his might. Unfortunately, the rutabaga smacked his good friend and neighbor, Mook Creeger, right in the head, knocking him unconscious. Og had stumbled upon (no pun intended) the world’s first produce delivery system, and The Flying Rutabaga Produce Company was born.

(We’d like to think our customer service skills are a little bit better than that nowadays!)

Now, records from this prehistoric era are sketchy at best, especially since prehistoric means “before records were kept.” [lemonade]So the next reference we have of a Rencevicz involved in the produce business is of a Norseman named Liif Rencevicz. Liif would ply his trade on the Viking ships sailing the north Atlantic Ocean. By now, his business was known as The Lemon Peel Produce Company, and the biggest selling items were citrus fruits. In fact, Liif was one of the first people to hawk citrus as a cure for scurvy. Although his intentions were good, the invention of the refrigerator was still several centuries in the future, so oftentimes the lemons he sold were spoiled. Rather than eat the fruit, the sailors would instead make lemonade out of it. “When Liif hands you lemons, make lemonade,” they always used to say.

(Sorry about that.)

Not much is known about the Rencevicz clan until the mid-16th [customer]century, when Italian merchant Giuseppe Rencevicz decided to expand his business territory . He sailed to the New World and set up shop in colonial Virginia. Sales were slow at first, so his only customer, Dwight Wright, suggested that Giuseppe should develop a motto in order to increase his business. Giuseppe wanted to honor Mr. Wright for his idea, so he included his name in what came to be known as the first Mission Statement: “The customer is always Dwight.”

(Giuseppe just didn’t get it.)

As our nation expanded westward, so did the need for high [bandana neil]quality produce, and Jebediah Neil Rencevicz was there to provide it. Jebediah Neil managed all aspects of his business, and he was often seen toiling in his vegetable gardens, wearing a bandana on his head as protection against the fierce heat of the sun. And from this combination of factors, Bandana Neil's Produce Company was born. However, bandanas being associated with bank robbers at the time, the name was soon changed to The Banana Peel Produce Company.

Well, of course this has all been fiction up ‘til this point. We think mixing humor and fun with work here at The Banana Peel Produce Company benefits both us AND our customers. But putting the fiction aside, there’s no denying the facts: Our owner, Jon Rencevicz, entered the produce business in 1975, working his way up to manager of one of the largest and most successful produce markets in Ohio. He’s done it all, from stocking the bins to driving the delivery trucks to overseeing year after year of record sales as a store manager. And he wants to put that experience to use by helping you manage your produce needs. Why don’t you give Jon a call?

Don’t make him throw a rutabaga at you.   ; )

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